Who Owns The New Ten-Tec / RF Concepts Company Now?

Time flies when you’re having fun.  All of a sudden,we’re celebrating the start of 2016.  We at Factual Amateur Radio Technology Services expect this year to be full of twists and turns in the world of Amateur Radio.

To suggest that the Amateur Radio market is one filled with all kinds of ebb and flow in the economic tidal pool is like suggesting that Donald Trump doesn’t need to become President of the United States to make money.

One of the more interesting  stories we’ve followed for a couple of years now is the status of the beloved Ten-Tec  Corporation, and it’s “sister” company, RF Concepts.

Unless you’ve just crawled out of the pile of empty Oreo bags, Burger King wrappers, and beer bottles in your shack, you know all about the purchase of the two companies, known by many radio operators as leaders in their respective fields,  by RKR Designs, LLC.

You can catch an ARRL press release here, in case you’ve forgotten, or all the positive radio activity on 7200 has left you a bit confused.

More recently though, toward the end of 2014, we all learned that parts of the original Ten-Tec and RF Concepts companies have again been sold off.

One of the blog postings we found suggest that a “mysterious buyer” has stepped forward to breathe new life into the organizations, making them once again a viable source for state of the art amateur radio products.

We can’t even begin to make this stuff up, it reads like a script from a really weak plotted “made for TV” movie.  Take a peek here.

Factual Amateur Radio sought to uncover the name of the new owner.  We started with the usual collection of “notable” amateurs; like the founders of Elecraft and Flex Radio.  We even ventured into the “infamously notable” collection of characters frequenting 14.313 and 7.200 MHZ.

It took us a bit, but we believe that we’ve found the new owner of Ten-Tec.  You won’t even be a bit surprised when you think about it.

Who already is a “notable amateur radio operator”, with experience in the “fight club” of marketing amateur radio products?  Who already operates 14.7 million dollar conglomerate enterprise worth 14.7 million in 2013?

The new owner of Ten-Tec has to be none other than Martin F. Jue, K5FLU.

Martin founded MFJ back in 1972, and through numerous acquisitions now owns brands like Ameritron, Hy-Gain, Mirage, Vectronics, and Cushcraft. MFJ employs more than 150 people right now, serving the worldwide amateur radio community from the electronics capital of North America, Starkville, Mississippi.

When we finally tracked down Martin, he would neither confirm nor deny our claim.  He did add the following:

“If MFJ Enterprises were to acquire a progressive company like Ten-Tec, equipment purchasers would experience enhanced customer support, and innovative technological products, similar to the other brand experiences that we represent.”

For our money, we believe that at the 2016 Dayton Hamvention, you’ll see:



As a matter of fact, we just received this photo of a prototype from an anonymous source:



We are reminded of this John F. Kennedy quote: “Things do not happen, Things are made to happen…”






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